Add a mock mode to an Angular app

One important aspect of building a frontend is testing your application against various kind of data that usually comes from some backend API. One way to make this easier is the ability to mock the data so you can work independently with the frontend part without the need of a real API being ready and... Continue Reading →

Stencil — Tutorial: Tour of Heroes

This story is about my attempt to convert the Angular’s popular Tutorial: Tour of Heroes into a Stencil application. I recommend that you read the introduction part of the Angular tutorial to get a feeling about what kind of app we will build here. What you will have learned after this tutorial is how to... Continue Reading →

How to use Jest unit tests with Angular

The Jest unit test framework is a relatively new unit testing tool built by Facebook, it is widely used for testing ReactJS projects. Studies shows that Jest is much faster than other unit test frameworks for JavaScript, since it’s using a custom built JavaScript engine instead of running the tests in a full blown browser.... Continue Reading →

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